Selamat Datang sekalian!

In Malay, it means our warmest welcome. Hey guys, Malaysia is home to many of the most beautiful animals in the world. What you will be seeing in our web site will be one of the most outrageous and extensive collection of Malaysian reptiles and other exotic animals for sale to the global market. By the time you read to the bottom of the page, I can assure you that you’ll be amazed by the distinctive differences between us and our competitors! As suggested by our header, scaling of new heights, we have implemented many tested and practised concepts from far more established industries into this one from product offerings to our transaction services and facilities that you will not find elsewhere. All these, just to serve you better and at the same time, further conserving our natural treasures and beauty.

Whether you are a distributor, retailer or even a hobbyist, you will definitely be intrigued by our products, services and business solutions that we can provide to you. For starters, are you asking yourself these questions:

  • Not having an additional edge over your competitors?
  • Problems getting what you want due to minimum order policies?
  • Troubles sleeping due to online purchases insecurities?
  • Sick of not getting money back guarantee for dead on arrivals?

Well, there is nothing to be shy of as these are realistic problems and nuisances that all businesses and even individual hobbyists face within this industry. We at fully understand your disappointments as we are traders and hobbyists ourselves. This is why Reptiles Malaysia strive to go beyond the “average” supplier of Malaysian reptiles and animals.

 Featured Product

Red Mountain Racer

Scientific Name : Oreocryptophis

Manface Bug

Scientific Name : Catacanthus Incarnatus

To start off with, Malaysian species of reptiles and other animals are more sought after by hobbyists globally everyday, solely due to the drastic increase in global awareness for these animals because of the uniqueness in terms of colouration and rarity of these creatures. Through our extensive collection, you will be able to carry or collect these awesome jewels which are wholly and exclusively found only in Malaysia.

“Wouldn’t you want to be the pioneering few distributors or hobbyists that carry these unique creatures to the amazement and envy of your peers and friends?”

Through countless discussions and hours of listening to the complaints from other importers, we are proud to unveil to you a new revolutionary concept that caters for distributors, retailers, and hobbyists and we call it …

Regional Order Tabs(ROTs TM)

Guys… if you are a distributor or retailer, ROTs will connect you to a whole new group of customers that further fortifies your current clientele. This will in return minimise your stock turnover period and mortality rates which elevates you to a stronger competitor within your region!

How? With the revolutionary technological assistance in Internet Marketing provided by ROTs, it will process the needs of the hobbyists in your region and direct them to your doorstep! What better ways are there to sell your products other than us helping you to sell too? Act now and register with us to nominate yourself as a sole distributor before your region is taken by others and start enjoying the benefits of ROTs. What are you waiting for….

Register and Book your region NOW!

Fellow hobbyists, don’t feel left out as ROTs have much to offer you too! Remember that ONE snake you’ve always wanted to buy but couldn’t due to minimum orders and importation policies? Fret no more as ROTs has a solution for you. Now you can order that snake of your dreams and ROTs will automatically process your order among others and direct you to our valued distributors in your region for collection. Register and follow the step by step process to expand your collection now!

Start becoming the envy of your peers by adding our Malaysian species to your collection TODAY!

Now that you have found those Malaysian species that you’ve long for, what’s next ? No worries because we at will have you covered from payment securities issues to problems with live arrival guarantees. You can now sleep better knowing that we are always reaching for the best way to serve you better. How can we be so confident on our service to you, we CAN. After all we are hobbyists too! To find out more on our other fantastic offers and services, do sign up with us and we assure you that this will be your first step to your exciting quest to an amazingly wonderful collection. Businesses alike, we will be able to provide you with up to date information on the best selling reptiles and new interests of people within your region. By having this valuable information, you are able to grow your business to extents that you can never imagine.Be a part of us today and let me have the honor by wishing you:

Welcome to the Reptiles Malaysia Family

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